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Sarah Bryen

Website Design

Social Media Ad

Earned Media - VIP Magazine

Web Design

Print Advertising Design

Pinterest Ad (photo and campaign)

Facebook Ad

Composite Images


Facebook Ad (photo and campaign)

Earned Media - Northern Virginia Magazine

Event Planning - Jacksonville Stadium

Branding Prototype for PowerPoint

Logo - Original design for the Leonardo DRS T-X Fighter Trainer

Logo - Original design for the Leonardo DRS T-X fighter trainer

Event Planning/Photography - Gov. Sanford

PowerPoint and Logo Design


Pinterest Board - Jeweler Client

Photography and layout

Photos and Layout

Web Design


Photos and Layout

Design for Twitter

Photo for FB Ad (ROI - views from 60 per day to 2,500)


Chris Kyle, Navy Seal, American Sniper and General Norton Schwartz (USAF) - Photography

Logo Design

Photography for Web and Social Media

Event Planning, Tradeshow Booth Design

Advertising - Print

Event Planning - Italian Embassy

Photo Shoot, client - high social media ROI

Logo and Invitation Design


Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Peter Pace, USMC (ret) speaking at the JINSA dinner in Washington, DC

Former Majority Leader Eric Cantor in his Washington, D.C. office

Somehow on eBay


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